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21-Days To A NEW YOU

It takes 21 days to break (bad) habits. While three weeks seems like a walk in the park – I can tell you from experience its far from that.

It took some time for you to get to this place, and you’ve formed habits and routines that are now part of your daily life. Trying to force significant changes into many areas of your life can lead to catastrophic chaos and eventually failure.

Anyone can eat a low calorie diet and pair that with an intense exercise regimen and you’ll likely lose weight…

BUT an extremely important aspect is left out of this approach. How long can that be sustained for? How long can you prepare restrictive meals and adhere to an intense exercise program?

I’ll answer that for you… not very long.

What If…

What if I told you there is a simpler way to lose weight and keep it off?

What if I told you there was a sustainable way to eat healthier options without counting calories or starving yourself?

What if I told you chronic exercise isn’t necessary to lose weight?

It Takes 21 Days to Build New (Good for You) Habits

It takes 21 days to build new (good for you) habits. Again, these three weeks won’t be a walk in the park – BUT I can guarantee it’s worth it.

The Benefits

Self-Regulated Appetite. As your cells depend less on glucose, you’ll be freed from the structured eating habits. Eat when hunger ensues and participate in Intermittent Fasting.

A Decrease in Body Fat. You can expect effortless weight loss results (4-8 pounds a month) until you reach your ideal weight.

Fewer Cravings. As you burn more fat for fuel, you’ll notice cravings for sweets and salty foods will lessen.

More Energy. Transitioning away from the SAD allows your body to derive most of its energy from stored body fat.

Increased Immunity. Get sick less often and recover quickly if you do.

Increased Muscle Mass. Increase your muscle mass while dropping fat by avoid chronic exercise patterns and practicing fun, brief, and intense workouts.

Better Sleep. By aligning your lifestyle with the circadian rhythm will enable proper hormone secretions, which prompt you for better nights sleep while wakening up refreshed and energized.

Your 21-Day Challenge Starts NOW

Think of a time when you tried something brand new… You may have convinced yourself, even before trying, that you were likely to fail or feel foolish. You were nervous. You might have even talked yourself out of it a few times before you finally leaped in.

Now, apply that universal truth to anything relating to your health and wellness. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I realize that many people, including myself, have already tried and failed at a handful or a dozen other diet and exercise programs before.

This 21-Day Challenge is designed to lead you through a productive and transformational three-week stress-free relationship with your health and wellness. This three-week transformation will set a foundation for what’s to come when you transitioning from the SAD to a Primal aligned lifestyle.


Each day you will face nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle challenges created to change your current (negative) lifestyle practices into positive long-term sustainable habits. After years of being bombarded with diet trends, fitness regimens, and placebo magic pills – all your failed attempts have finally lead you to the right place.

What To Expect

You’ll receive a 90+ page eBook that will guide you through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits to obtain optimal health and wellness. This book is for you to keep forever, making sustaining a healthy lifestyle much easier after the 21 days are complete.

You’ll have access to the Private Optimal Health and Wellness Challenge group on Facebook where I will post daily challenge, tips, tricks, and resources, plus you can connect with others embarking on their health and wellness journey as well.

You’ll be eating good with seven days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes to kick-start your health and wellness journey from RealPlan.com.  Plus an already mapped out shopping list to take with you to the store!

You’ll have unlimited access to email support up until the very last day, and at the end of the 21 days, you’ll receive a 10% discount towards any service offered through Midwest Primal Health and Wellness.

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