Promising yourself you’ll eat better, exercise and lose those extra pounds isn’t as easy as eating a salad, getting on a treadmill or cutting calories.

It took some time for you to get to this place and you’ve formed habits and routines that are now part of your daily life. And now, you’re trying to force one major change into many areas of your life. Catastrophe.

This is just one of the reasons why your promises go unfulfilled: you’ve been focusing on only one part of the problem!

Why you haven’t reached your health goal:

Unrealistic goal. You want it and you want it now! Overnight overhauls just don’t work.

No strategy. You don’t have a day-to-day plan of the actions you will take.

Not enough, or no, support and accountability. You’re trying to make a huge change in the exact same environment with the exact same people.

Limited focus. You can change what you eat, but you also have to address those “things” that come up every day, that affect your choices.

We all have unlimited access to information on how to lose weight and how to exercise, but everyone’s different. There's no realistic way to read a book, watch a YouTube video or listen to a podcast and just implement everything into your own life. We all have different lifestyles and different physical and mental compositions.

We try to make this huge change to our life all at once, and all by ourselves, which ultimately ends with stress, overwhelm and failure. (Which, of course, causes us to dive deeper into the thing we want to change!)

You will reach your health goal when you:

→ Have guidance setting a realistic goal that works with your life, finances, time, and capabilities.

→ Have a strategy to achieve that goal, a plan of action that causes the least interruption to your life and still brings you daily results.

→ Have support and accountability that will keep you focused, motivated, positive and productive.

→ Have guidance working through the habits, blocks, and mindsets that have been holding you back and while creating new behaviors that build a lasting healthy lifestyle.

Midwest Primal Health & Wellness works with individuals and families to create optimal health and wellness through practical nutritional and lifestyle modification.

We’re not going to just tell you what to do and check in on you later. Your Coach is right there with you, giving you guidance, support, resources, education, and motivation (maybe a swift kick too if you need one!).

Helping you achieve your goals is one part of working with a Health and Wellness Coach. You’ll also learn the hows and whys of what you’re doing so that you can maintain your goal and set and achieve new ones!

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What happens during my FREE COACHING CALL?
We’ll delve into your challenges and determine what strategy would best help you achieve your primary health goal. You’ll also get some powerful tactics to get you started!