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You want to make changes to your lifestyle that will allow you to lose weight, and keep it off for good. It sounds easy, but is it? With so many programs, ideas, and opinions out there, it’s nearly impossible to know what to do or where to start. It’s okay; it’s not your fault!!

A common misstep that many weight loss “programs” make is that losing weight isn’t just about losing weight. Anyone can follow a specific, super low-calorie meal plan and couple that with some intense exercise: and they’ll most likely lose some weight.

An extremely important aspect is left out of this approach. How long can that be sustained for? How long can you prepare restricted meals for yourself, and then separate meals for the family and maintain a rigorous exercise regimen before real life sets back in?

(not very long)

Promising yourself you’ll eat better, exercise, and lose those extra pounds isn’t as easy as eating a salad, getting on a treadmill or cutting calories.

It took some time for you to get to this place, and you’ve formed habits and routines that are now part of your daily life. And now, you’re trying to force major changes into many areas of your life. Catastrophe. This is just one of the reasons why your promises go unfulfilled: you’ve been focusing on only one part of the problem!

Let Me Help YOU

I work with individuals and families to create optimal health and wellness through practical (stress-free) nutritional and lifestyle modifications.

I’m not going to just tell you what to do and check in on you later. I am right there with you, giving you guidance, support, resources, education, and motivation (maybe a swift kick too if you need one!).

Helping you achieve your goals is one part of working me. You’ll also learn the hows and whys of what you’re doing so that you can maintain your goals and set and achieve new ones!

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What happens during my FREE CONSULT CALL?

We’ll delve into your challenges and determine what strategy would best help you achieve your primary health goalS. You’ll also get some powerful tactics to get you started!